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5 Reasons why you need a second shooter for your wedding day

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

A second shooter is a term thrown around by photographers (and videographers alike!). It simply means an additional photographer or videographer to assist on the day of your wedding.

If you are unsure on whether you really need a second shooter (it's an additional cost, right!) then read on to see why they are beneficial.

  1. All of the angles during the ceremony are vital to you!

So you've booked me as your sole photographer: we have our little catch-up 1-2 months prior to your big day and you've seen all of your friend's galleries. They include all of the pivotal moments from the day and that is exactly what you are after.

You are adamant you want the shot of your spouse-to-be waiting for you as you walk down the aisle, and their reaction when they see you for the first time! You also know you need the shot of the back of your dress (if you are wearing one) and you entering the venue. Your guests' reactions are also paramount to the final gallery.

I'm here to tell you now that one person cannot reasonably undertake all of this by themselves. So if you don't want to compromise on these all-important emotions, and pivotal moments then you need to ensure your package comes with a second shooter! If it doesn't, and you know you will be disappointed if any of these moments are missed - upgrade now! It is never too late to add this on (at least it isn't for me anyway. If you decided 10 hours before your ceremony you need this, you know I'll be reaching out to every photographer in the UK to get them to your ceremony and make this happen for you). Actually, if you have booked me as your photographer and I've just changed your mind, shoot me an email.

2. Capturing 'groom prep & bridal prep' are both vital items on your tick-list and vision

Again, it comes down to what is important to you. You can ask for a second shooter at just the ceremony, or the whole day if you want. You could ask them to start later and finish later than your main photographer for fuller coverage. The amount of time they are with you and your main photographer will be reflected in the extra fee.

So if you and your partner are both getting ready at alternative locations and you need shots of you both opening and reading letters to each other, then it might be worth hiring the second person to ensure person one doesn't need to use a time turner to get the shots that will make your absolute day (bonus points if you get the reference).

It also helps to have a spare pair of eyes on any lads getting ready: no they don't know how to do a windsor knot, they are not experts in putting on buttonholes, and yes, they might end up wearing white socks with black trousers. Don't leave it to chance, hire a second shooter (baby sitter) today!

3. Candids of guests, please!

A wedding day does fly by. I know so many people have already told you this! But it is true. It's one glorious day of blur.

As quick as it's going for you, it's going just as fast for us (mainly because we freaking love our jobs and it can slip through our fingers as well as yours).

So if you know you need a heap load of formal group shots (which usually takes min 2-3 mins per group, more if people are in the loo, doing tequila shots or misbehaving in general) and know you want to go out and explore a bit further for your couples portraits, then you might need a second shooter to capture your guests having fun whilst all of this is going on! Especially if you have some form of entertainment booked, canapés, bouncy castle, magician etc. Whilst your main photographer is busy ensuring you have everything captured on the formal side, the second shooter will be mingling with guests and getting those epic shots that your friends hate you posting on their timeline for their birthday 'till the end of time.

4. Speeches, Speeches and more Speeches

A couple of things to consider here: How big is your wedding? What is the table layout like? Is this part of the day being fully documented important to you?

So if you have a large wedding party, a large number of people on the top table, and lots of guests enjoying your day then it could be worth ensuring you have a second shooter. More faces to capture = more camera power required. If spaces are tight between tables, and it's not easy to manoeuvre without making a complete spectacle of ourselves, then you might want two people positioned at different sides of the room. If it's important that guests at each table are captured then go for two!

5. Your venue is huge, with grounds stretching far and wide, and you want no stone left unturned

The Ravenswood Wedding Venue Sussex

Has your wedding got multiple rooms? Multiple bars? An inside area and an outside area? Are people going to be spread far and wide?

All valid reasons to consider hiring a second shooter! If you have a large wedding with lots of people enjoying themselves in all corners, and you want to get a full feel of the day then hiring a second photographer will be your best bet. It takes time to walk from place to place, and so having two bodies will help to ensure a more complete picture of your day is caught.

At the end of the day, when I deliver galleries to my couple my style includes having a full reflection of your day. I want you to feel like every guest was seen, and if there are any extra special people you need to ensure are captured more than once (i.e. your children, dear family members who you don't see often) are definitely a part of your gallery. I want to ensure your guests also feel seen and if they want shots together as friends groups, or with their other halves then a second photographer will ensure nothing is missed.

When you look through your gallery I want you to be taken back to every small detail of your day and relive it each time.

You may not print every photo, they might not all be worthy of your nans' mantelpiece but every single image plays a part in keeping the memory of your day alive.

And if that's sold you, and I'm the kind of gal you can trust your day with, then let's get booked in and talk about your plans!


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