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Pastel florals and lush greens in Puglia, Southern Italy

Mazzarelli Creative Resort is a luxury 5-star boutique hotel nestled in the southern region of Puglia, Italy. It boasts gorgeous interiors, rolling views and an authentic Italian feel.

As you roll up the track, past the olive tree farms and through the Italian countryside, the white walls emerge into view and you are instantly wowed.

I am not surprised that Maddie and Colen chose to travel all the way from Canada to Triggianello for their destination wedding.

The first thing that I felt when we pulled up was how luxurious the venue felt. As I arrived, the planner Sarah was busy carefully installing flower ladders that were to frame the doors at the head of the aisle. The chairs for guests were already in their place, and soft pastel ribbons with name tags were gently dancing in the warm Italian breeze.

I toured the inside and said hello to Maddie, who was slowly getting ready in the penthouse. A vast open area, great windows spanning the length and breadth of all four walls. Maddie was relaxed, the sun was beating through the airy space and Prosecco was flowing.

Maddie's dress was a show-stopper. It hung elegantly from one of the huge windows and it was the first thing I saw as I climbed the wrought iron stairs. A masterpiece in its own right, with delicate and sophisticated bows and a veil to match. The champagne tint to everything was cohesive and elegant.

I finished my tour of the impressive venue, complete with a pool and external onsite accommodation for guests (a must have at any destination wedding!) The rooms inside the resort itself were spacious, light, tidy and chic. Colen and his guys were getting ready in the honeymoon suite, and had enjoyed a morning lazing in the sun around the pool.

I left the boys to it and soaked up some more greenery, and checked out where would be best for photos later on in the day. We were spoiled for choice.

Unfortunately, on the flight over, Maddie's parents' luggage had been lost. Maddie's dad had gone back to the airport to try and retrieve the luggage (containing all important wedding attire for both him and his wife) which meant the ceremony had been pushed back an hour and a half.

Maddie and Colen waited patiently for their VIP's to return to the villa and get their glad rags on.

Finally, it was all systems go. The light was fading but it didn't matter - the string quartet were ready and whilst the father-and-mother-of-the-bride ensured they were picture-perfect, so did the boys and girls. We utilised some final moments before Maddie revealed herself as a bride to her father, and the boys waited nervously downstairs for the action to begin.

When the Strings started, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Maddie's father walked her around the perfect outdoor setting, all the way to Colen. Sarah conducted a tender ceremony, as the sun began to set on Mazzarelli Creative Resort.

After Maddie and Colen tied the knot, they celebrated with their nearest and dearest with champagne and exquisite canapés. The light continued to fall and we were blessed with an Italian sunset before it sank behind the hills of Triganello.

Before Maddie and Colen moved onto a traditional 7 course Italian extravaganza, followed by more drinks and dancing, we were able to steal a few more moments before the light faded completely. Speeches and celebrations followed and I got to witness the pair having a boogie before retiring to my cosy B&B to leave them in peace.

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