What is an Unplugged Ceremony?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I got married in 2018, and when we had our initial meeting with our (amazing!) wedding photographer, one of the first questions she asked was: "are you planning on having an unplugged ceremony?"

My first thought was, what on earth?

Unplugged! She exclaimed.

She went on to explain how too often when she is photographing a wedding ceremony, aunt Linda in the middle row is waving her i-pad around trying to snap the best angles - meanwhile nanny Jean has caused a right commotion standing on uncle Dave, cousin Gemma and someone from the in-laws feet trying to hobble to the aisle. Yes, she has hunched over right in front of the (money well invested) photographer, and you guessed it!

Shot ruined!

So, we thought, yes! We want our ceremony to be 'unplugged'!

We want to see your faces, not your devices!

We hated the idea of all of our beautiful, timeless photos having the magic somewhat diminished from looking at everyone's *insert bright flashy electrical image taking device here*.

We hadn't even considered it, and why would we? Would you?

You are so wrapped up in organizing all of the fun stuff, the little (yet important) details like this go right over your loved-up heads.

I also thought: hmm that means we haven't got amateur flash photography lighting up our faces all over the shop! I've got enough to be worrying about like holding it together so my mascara doesn't run - let alone aunt Jane posting a picture of me on Monday with devil-red eyes, mid unattractive facial expression (at least I can count on my Photographer not to share the bloopers, right?)

Another bonus is that there is a better chance of keeping those first peeks of you and your partner the most dapper you've ever looked under wraps on the socials that little bit longer! At least until your evening guests arrive...

...So, how to tell your nearest and dearest (politely) that you would quite like the photographing to be left up to your more than capable photographer? (sorry Nan, your 8 mega-pixels won't cut it today!)

We opted for a rather considerate and moderately amusing, yet tasteful 'flyer' which I designed, printed, and chopped to size for the big day. On one side, we had the day's timeline and on the other was our announcement that our ceremony was to be unplugged.

It worked perfectly! Not one of our ceremony pics were photo-bombed by the family photographer, and everyone soaked up the moment in real time.

Memories I will cherish forever.

So, if you haven't considered going un-plugged... consider it!

And if your a fan of my limited graphic-design skilled handy work, find a download to the Unplugged document below!

Unplugged Wedding
Download PDF • 81KB

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