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Should I choose a Photographer who has already worked at my wedding venue?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Should I choose a photographer who has worked at my wedding venue before?

This is a popular question among wedding planning guides for brides [+ grooms]. There is no clear-cut answer. There are both pros and cons to having someone who has worked at your venue before, and someone who hasn’t.

I have now built up a large repertoire of wedding venues over the years, and most I would return to in a heartbeat! But travelling around to new places is one of the many reasons why I do what I do [and enjoy!].

Often, couples think that they should have a wedding photographer who has already worked at their venue because it could ensure better photos. Whilst yes, it means your photographer would know locations well, and potentially even know the staff, it doesn’t mean they will perform any better or worse than someone who has never worked at your venue before!

When I visit a venue for the first time, it gives me a burst of creative excitement.

I get to look at things from a new perspective, compared to someone who has been there many times. You know that feeling when you have driven to work so many times you arrive, and you think “how did I get here?” because you're on autopilot? Sometimes, working at the same place over and over again gives you that autopilot feeling.

If I haven’t worked at a venue before I tend to either visit beforehand if the venue is close enough or get to venues on the day with enough time for a scout around. I also make an effort to get acquainted with your venue coordinator prior to the day via email and ensure we are all on the same page.

If your photographer hasn't worked at the venue you have chosen, do ensure they are comfortable with the venue style [Manor House, dark barn, registry office, ti-pi wedding etc].

I personally love visiting new places. Who doesn't? Working as a wedding photographer means travelling around the country and meeting many different people: my job is never the same on a week-to-week basis. On the other hand, I also enjoy revisiting venues that I have already worked at - it’s nice when I’ve already established a relationship with a venue and the team. It’s like visiting old friends and family!

To sum up, it doesn’t matter whether the photographer that you want to choose has worked at your venue or not. If they are a professional, they will have done their due diligence, ensure that they get to your venue with plenty of time to scout out locations, and will smash out the job regardless of whether they have been there before or not!

If you do want to check whether I have worked at your venue before, here is a full list

of the wedding venues I have worked at, you can also see the types of areas I have been lucky enough to travel to!

I would LOVE to shoot a wedding in Scotland, Wales, The Bahamas, The Balearic Islands, Greece, and Santorini.... If you have a wedding in any of these locations let's chat!

Mazzarelli Creative Resort - Polignano a Mare, Bari, Italy

Le Chateau De Bonnemare - Normandy, France

Highly Manor - Sussex

The Ravenswood - East Sussex

The Oxford Belfry Hotel - Thame, Oxfordshire

Manor By The Lake - Gloucestershire

Cissbury Barns - West Sussex

Selden Barns - West Sussex

Southend Barns - West Sussex

North Mymms Park - Hertfordshire

Southlands Barns - West Sussex

The Tithe Barn - Petersfield

Southdowns Manor - Petersfield

HMS Warrior - Portsmouth, Hampshire

Findon Manor - West Sussex

Kingscote Barn - Tetbury

Caswell House - Oxfordshire

Arundel Town Hall - West Sussex

Smeetham Hall - Sudbury

Marden Park Mansion - Woldingham, Surrey

Shendish Manor - Hertfordshire

Stoke Park Pavillions - Northamptonshire

The Watermill Theatre - West Berkshire

Cams Hall Estate - Hampshire

The Lismoyne Hotel - Hampshire

Kings Chapel - Buckingham

Channels Estate - Chelmsford

Brickwall House - East Sussex -

Pelham House - East Sussex

Pangdean Barn - East Sussex

Creslow Manor - Aylesbury

Sulgrave Manor - Northamptonshire

Worton Hall - Oxfordshire

Langstone Quays Resort - Hayling Island

Tricky's, The Tolgus Inn - Redruth, Cornwall

The list above is ever growing and I add to it often! If your venue ISNT on the list... I'd love to work with you and visit somewhere new!

Want to see more? Head over to my instagram for the latest images and give me a follow!


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