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An Early Spring Essex Wedding

Essex venue Ye Olde Plough House provided the perfect setting for Robert and Mandy and their loving family, who waited an age for their mummy and daddy to be wed. It was important to the bride and groom that their day was documented as it happened. I stood back and let the day unfold. There were bursts of daffodil yellow throughout the day, giving me all the spring feels.

Mandy was a little nervous ahead of walking down the aisle but was in good spirits, having ensured pre-wedding prosecco was on the list of necessities. Her trusty man-of-honour and eldest daughter were on the job, ensuring she drank tea and got some fresh air.

The rest of the day was filled with beautiful spring sunshine, although it was still very chilly. We braved the cold air and wondered about the venue's beautiful grounds in search of the 'must have' shots.

Finally, a special thank you to the staff at the venue. They were fantastic - they waited on the happy couple from start to finish. It's a pleasure when you get to work with such lovely venues!


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