Hello there, what's your name and who's your people?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

It's Dannie - if you hadn't guessed!

Dannie Georgine. Slightly unusual on the second name, I believe it was a creation and an amalgamation of my Grandad George on the maternal side and my Nanny Jean on the paternal side.

Georgine, no 'a' on the end.

And this is me with our beautiful baby girl, Aiva Robin.

She is my world, my inspiration - alongside the other half of 'we', my amazing husband.

The Journey

Has been a long one, but I have only just scratched the surface.

I've always been artistic and hands on: my top areas at school were;

  • Art

  • Sport (football & gymnastics)

  • Writing

  • Woodwork (I was the only girl in the year to take it, if you know me that won't surprise you)

I remember at sixth form, they pretty much had to jig around the entire timetable because I wanted to do art AND sport. I refused to choose!

"what do you mean this isn't a 'usual' combo of choices!?"

But leaving sixth form I felt at the time that art was my hobby, and surely I would grow to resent my hobby if I did it as a job?

... It turns out I really resent cleaning treadmills now, and I have finally come into my own as the artist I was born to be! (with a qualification of personal training on the side for good measure)


What about below the surface?

I am a mother to a super energetic little girl, we have two rather lazy rescue dogs (bonnie & clyde) and then there is my supportive, better half Andrew - my husband. We live in Horsham, West Sussex however my roots always remain in Oxford.

My core values are family, freedom and determination.


Photography for me is everything that I envisioned for my younger self. It is me no longer adhering to the 9-5 ebb and flow, I wasn't designed to live that way. I was built to be hands on, involved in people's lives, there to add value and build relationships. Photography is an art form, but it is so much more than that to me.

It is an opportunity, every day, to make my daughter proud.

It is freedom to create and see new places!

It is the ability to freeze people's memories in time, a picture that they can look at once and in one second be taken back to the happiest of days.

It is making beautiful artwork with photos that invoke emotion, positivity and an abundance of life.

Photography fulfils my career ethic, my creative self and lust for learning.

We can't control everything in life, but as long as I've got my family next to me, my camera in front of me, food in my tummy and a roof over my head - I know we will be OK.

(especially when the food is cheese).

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