• Danielle Georgine Chambers

Light at the end of the Lock-down Tunnel

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Meghan & Lewis are expecting their first baby girl. Her sister, who doesn't live too far from me put us in touch, before the 3rd lock-down.

After experiencing pregnancy during the first lock-down and having so many things that I wasn't able to do (I know we all did, but a first time mum never gets the first time mum things back - its not like I could postpone my due date!) I wanted to ensure that Meghan got the photos she deserved.

I spent the whole of this lock-down nervously thinking about Meghan, and that she might miss out. We kept in touch via whats-app on how she was doing. I just so happened to check the weather and saw how beautifully sunny the weekend was supposed to be, and asked on the off chance (who was I kidding, no one was allowed to do anything) she would be free to meet for a socially distanced shoot.

It was a gloriously sunny day, spring felt like it was right around the corner. We had to wait until the weather was warmer, you can't really show off a beautiful bump in a giant coat and winter clobber!

We walked (slowly, no early labour on my watch!) round the lake at Buchan Park. We stopped in a clearing just as the sun was starting to dip, it shone through the trees and lit up Meghan's bump perfectly.

She wore a bright teal dress that hugged her bump in just the right way. She truly glowed!

I stood back whilst the happy couple walked blissfully along, thinking about all of the amazing memories to come! My photography style captures a story: I wanted these pictures to be memories that they couldn't wait to show off to all of their friends and family, and stand the test of time.

As we walked and talked (from a suitable distance) Meghan and Lewis told me about how lock down life whilst expecting had been, how hard it had been not to see loved ones through such a magical time. Their feelings resonated with me massively, but their personalities shone through so bright! Their soon to be addition to to their family will be very lucky indeed to have them as parents.

We walked some more and I felt that I already knew them both so well! It was such a pleasure to have met them, and for a small moment forget all about the turmoil of the last year.

I had bought some (sanitized) props along with me that spelled out the name they had chosen! However this remains under wraps for the time being...

We looped back round and took some final shots sat on the wall next to the lake, where I nearly dropped my phone and lens cap into the water. I get so excited about getting the angles sometimes, I forget how clumsy I can be.

Still, I am only human, and hopefully provided a bit of a laugh!

With a pregnant lady's bladder in mind, I thanked Meghan and Lewis for their time and sent them on their way. As I wondered back to the car park I felt this huge sense of accomplishment, happiness for them, and gratitude for the simple things in life. What a beautiful day we had been blessed with.

Yes, I thought. There is light at the end of this lock-down tunnel.