Absolutely Glowing


Most of pregnancy is grueling, BUT a pregnancy shoot is a perfect opportunity for some well deserved pampering, some fun and feel good factor. Happy mummy, happy tummy. 


Maternity Shoots 

Your Bump won't last forever. 

Even though you feel like you have been pregnant for 34768 days!

Lifestyle maternity shoots are a great way to freeze in time the most amazing thing our bodies can do - the creation of life! Pregnancy is not always glamorous (no matter what they say) but it doesn't mean you can't look and feel amazing! 

Own your bump, the miracle of life you are carrying, and will bring into this world. At home relaxing with your partner or out for a stroll in your favourite location, it's your choice where we capture your memories.


Use this time to reflect on what life with your baby will bring and let me tell that story with stunning candid portraiture. 



They change day by day.

Don't leave it too long to book that precious shoot.

From the 7th day to the 4th week of life is a great time for a new-born lifestyle shoot. Your bundle of joy will likely be snoozing every chance they get, those angelic sleepy features encapsulated for all of time.


Obviously, nothing is set in stone when it comes to due dates. Provisionally booking in for 3 week past your EDD with wiggle room from my side means I can work around you so we don't miss those golden days. 

8 Day Old baby girls tiny foot and tiny toes craddled by her daddy

Beyond Newborn 

Bursting with Love & Pride.

And then you realize nothing is safe, not even the dog water bowel, from prying hands!

They have just learned to sit, they might be exploring how to move around and have probably started throwing things. 

They are experimenting with cause and effect, playing, mesmerized by shiny things!


Their personality is growing.

Portraits with your mini-you can get really fun and creative. 


Lifestyle Family Portraiture

Get everyone who matters most involved.

Out and about or in the comfort of your own home

Let me accompany you on your favourite walk, into the woods or down to the beach. I'll snap away whilst you have fun and you will come away with memories to cherish forever.

Or if at home is your style, let me in on the action whilst you bake together or play your favourite game!